A Guide to Hairstyle and Haircuts As the word implies, a haircut is simply the shape of your hair, and a hairstyle is how you decide to wear your hair. Going to a hair salon without knowing the difference between a haircut and a hairstyle can make you disappointed with the results because these two are very different from each other. For instance, if you feel like having a new hairstyle, the makeover is much easier and the effect is far less drastic than a new haircut. Haircut involves cutting your hair to a different length while hairstyle is styling or arranging your existing haircut. There are other things we can learn about these two makeover methods.
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There are basically three kinds of haircut. When you hair is cut to different lengths, then you have a layered haircut. Despite appearing as long hair, it would appear your hair to be of varying lengths.
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In razor hair cut method, scissors are not used but razors and the hair is held differently and are cut in different motions. Between the two cutting methods, you would see the big difference with razor cut results. The hairstyle achieved with razor cuts tends to be smoother and softer looking. In many ways the look is more organic, without clearly defined layering or weight lines. In order to master this technique, it need much practice. You can also have a one length cut haircut. With this method you create a clean, blunt, classic cut with a sharp defined edge. Hairstyles depend on haircuts, but you don’t always need to change your haircut to change your hairstyle. There are many ways to style hair but here are some of the main ones. An easy make over is blow drying your hair to create volume or even to make your hair straight. IF you want waves and creative curls, your hair specialist can use hot iron on your hair. In order to increase elegance, some shops add hair accessories like hair bands, clips and tiaras. If you style your hair, it can be something temporary and can be done or changed when you are attending a special events and you want to look different or if you feel that the clothes you are wearing will match a certain type of hairstyle. One of the easiest and quickest ways to create a new look is to style your particular haircut differently. Hair styling is less drastic that cutting you hair and the next time you need to change the way you look, perhaps you simply need a change in hairstyle so don’t be tempted to cut your hair first but try a different style to your existing hairstyle. Knowing the difference between haircut and hairstyle would save you from a lot of heartache and will help you to achieve the look that you want for a particular occasion.