Uses of Hard Drive Eraser Software Most of us are not aware that our personal computers store a lot of sensitive information that belong to us every day. The hand drive stores personal and sensitive information that can be hacked easily. People who shop online and those who carry their financial businesses online are the most affected. You will be making a mistake by relying on the delete button and fail to use erase hard drive software to completely erase your information. Your hard drive can store information such as your date of birth, all your financial records, social security number and also your pin number. Formatting or deleting your personal information does not mean that you sensitive information is deleted. Your personal can only be safe once it has been deleted using erase software hand drive. The software will clear all the sensitive data that you did not want to be saved in your hand drive. There other options that can be used other than the erase hand drive software. These methods can work but they are not convenient. These other methods are smashing your computer, physically destroying your computer and destroying your hand drive in a way that it cannot be recovered. You can erase your information and then sell or pass on your computer. Before selling your PC make sure that all your information is thoroughly erased. Just formatting the computer is not wise you will just make it difficult for operating system to retrieve the data but it will not erase your personal information permanently. Information that is in the formatted hand drive can be retrieved by the computer gurus and anybody with a lot of knowledge and experience on computers. It is not hard to use the erase hand drive software actually it the easiest way to erase your personal Information. You can securely erase your information from the hand drive without smashing your computer. It will also prevent identity thieves and hackers from retrieving your data both online and offline. This software will make your files unreadable and irretrievable such that nobody can access them when they are deleted. This software is very fast and efficient when it comes to erasing data. Erase hand drive software can be set in a way that it can automatically delete information at a certain time. You can set it in a way that you will choose to erase some files and folders that carry the sensitive information. It is a guarantee that by the end of cleaning your information your data will have been safely deleted by the software. Personal data can be kept safe both online and offline by using erase hard drive software.The Art of Mastering Programs

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