Where to Get the Best Body Jewelry Body jewelry has been existing for quite a long time already. A lot of jewelry makers always make sure to create different kinds of jewelry from different materials to emphasize certain parts of the body. A long time ago, certain ancient cultures do not allow the wearing of any kind of body jewelry. Even so, there are other cultures where their rich families get to wear them as a symbol of their strength and wealth. In the many eras that followed, a lot of jewelry metals and designs have been manipulated to go with the different trends, preferences, and budgets. Even Cleopatra is popular for her good looks that are accompanied by wearing different kinds of jewelry pieces. With the rapid growth of urbanization in recent times, fashion trends in the jewelry industry have also reached great lengths in innovation. In order to keep in touch with the trend, the youth of today want other parts of their bodies to be pierced such as their eyebrows, belly, and even their tongues. They find this doable, especially if they want to look unique and want to stand out from whatever crowd they are in.
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Titanium, silver, gold, sterling silver, surgical steel, Pyrex, glass, acrylic, and diamond are just some types of body jewelry to name a few. Body piercing and body jewelry garnered that much attention in recent times because of the increasing numbers of celebrities sporting them wherever they may be. For instance, some of them use certain gold or diamond body jewelry pieces while attending events. They get to wear them so that they stay fashionable while looking very unique.
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These days, acrylic body jewelry is gaining popularity worldwide. This could be due to the fact that they are light weight, UV reactive, completely safe for body piercing, and very affordable. Because of their being UV reactive, they are capable of glowing in the dark, meaning more of the young ones want them. Aside from the younger generation, they also appeal to people going out at discos and art clubs. If you are more after a safer type of body jewelry that is still cheap and versatile, then you should go for surgical steel. Titanium body jewelry is the best option for the kind of people who easily get allergic reactions to various kinds of metal. Diamond jewelry should be your choice if you are after making a style statement that shouts famous and rich. Gold jewelry is also famous on a worldwide scale because they come in varying unique designs that are not only maintenance free but also very safe. You just have to remember to get gold jewelry that does not come less than fourteen carats. Though gold jewelry can either come in 8, 9, or 10 carats in various parts of the world, the best kind is pure gold that is 24 carats.