Choosing the Right Tie for the Right Suit A tie is a small piece, but it is not as small when it comes to giving your entire fashion statement. Well, a tie happens to be this little accompaniment. How do you ensure as a man that you have the right match for your dressing, goals, attitude, and style? Considering there are a wide variety of ties on the market, landing on a proper matched selection might not be that easy. A tie is what finalizes that look you wished to put forward. After the face of a man in suit catches your attention; the next thing will be his small accompaniment. A tie is not only credited for completing how your attire suits you, but it capitalizes on the whole dressing. So whatever statement you are looking to put out there a tie can help put across. People out there are fond of joking of the three ties that are a must have for a man. That is red for work, yellow for celebrations and the black one for funeral. Some truth stands somewhere in this joke. A man should wear different colors of ties on the various occasions. In your tie shelf, should be hanging different neckties to fit various occasions. From the range of your different colors, you can now go ahead and choose one for every different occasion. The order in which matching of a man’s attire should take is given. In matching sequence, you should go for the suit first, the shirt and lastly and most importantly the necktie. Nonetheless you can always select in the order of a suit, tie and then your shirt. With a proper selection, you will have made a style statement on the texture and color match.
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As a man, you should learn to do the tie correctly. The knot you tie should fit your face size and the distance across your lapel. About the interval, ensure the tie hits the beltline. If you are however doing the short suit- thing let the tie hang tight above the tummy button. In the narrowness of your tie, go for the slender one.
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The measurements should range from two and a quarter to two and a three quarters inch. The width will work for the office and sync up with any modern-cut suit. Let the knot fit your face and acquire a somewhat triangular shape. If you have the right bulge of the tie, you have no problem matching your tie with any lapel in the wardrobe. Have your tie not so tight, rather try to loosen the knot.