You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a hip baby in a beanie, big bow, or cool moccasins and think to yourself, “How is that baby cooler than me?”

The latest trend is where parents and kids have matching clothes. Yes, they do and it’s literally taking over the internet.

You see it in magazines, watch it the TV and hear about it from all your other mom friends, so it is hard to avoid. Having a fashionable baby is just as important as being a fashion icon yourself.

If you look at any of the latest baby blogs or watch any reality show, it can get you in the mood to give your baby a makeover. Although this is one of the latest trends, it can get very expensive. It’s hard to imagine that all that little clothes can cost more than your own. I mean, isn’t it half the fabric and one-third of the effort to make it?

If you are looking to make your baby the trendiest, most stylish baby this season, check out these great ideas. Your baby can look fabulous and you can keep your wallet full.

Buy them second-hand.

Baby clothes are very easy to find used, and actually most that are marked as used have never been worn. If you visit any of those secondhand baby stores, you can find great baby items for half the price. Many of these items will be name-brand items that cost triple the amount if it had been purchased in a store. Baby Prada, anyone?

Look for the deals.

They are out there! Always check online for deals on top brands, look for coupons on the most popular names, and start shopping!

Become a brand rep.

Get free stuff just by posting pictures! It’s so true and easy. You can literally search on any social media site and find people looking for brand reps for their brands. You simply offer them the rights to your photos and share them on your page as well! It’s easy and a great way to meet exciting new businesses opening up.