The time for Gemini has started! Those who are born in the date bracket of May 21 – June 20 are the Gemini people who are very expressive, sociable, intelligent, gentle, and always fun-loving. If your girlfriend is a Gemini person, the gift ideas suggested below can be really great birthday gifts for girlfriend. Have a look and impress your inquisitive and thoughtful girlfriend.

Electric gadgets: Gemini people are very communicative and loves to socialize with people as told before. So, they would find the latest mobile phone, tablet, laptop, mobile phone covers, e-book, etc. really cool. They are intelligent and like all intelligent people they really have a good taste of gadgets and you can never go wrong with this idea.

Vacation trip: Gemini people are restless and adventurous by nature and that’s why a sudden vacation would be thoroughly enjoyed by them. Plan a break into the hills and indulge her into some adventure sports like river rafting, bungee-jumping, or simple trekking. She would totally love this amazing gift from you.

Diary or planners: This zodiac sign is one of the most balanced ones. They hate losing and thus always strike a balance in every sphere of their life. They hate being unorganized or walking without plan. So, if you make fun of your girlfriend for maintaining a diary for noting her daily activities, remember that leading an organized life is an art where they excel. So, a diary with a beautiful lock or antique cover can be presented to her.

Contemporary jewelry: She is a girl who loves to be trendy in every way. She always has to look picture perfect and people love her for how she manages to carry herself. Bracelets, rings, earrings, or pendants can be picked up for impressing her on her birthday. You can also think to personalize this piece of jewelry.

Home décor: As already said earlier that Gemini people love to keep everything in their proper place. In her spare time, you must have seen her investing into the beautification of her home. So, you can carry any home décor item that you think would look perfect at her place. For example, book shelf, ottoman, laundry bags, wallpapers, terracotta vases, or soothing wind chimes.

Written love letter or poem: Take a piece of paper and narrate your feelings for her. It would be even better in case you can write a poem. She loves every idea of communication and this special birthday gift for girlfriend would be truly adored. You can decorate that love letter by pasting some dried rose petals.

Champagne: On her birthday, a classic champagne bottle would be really an endearing gift. Also take two glasses and enjoy a lovely evening with her.