Birthday, anniversary, promotion day, or the Valentine’s Day are few of those special moments when your husband would expect a nice gift from you. To woo him on these special days, here lies some unique ideas which you must consider.


DSLR camera: If your husband is a photographer by passion, you must get a DSLR camera for him in any upcoming special occasion. Let him capture moments of life in style. So, but this gift for husband in Dubai and mark his special day with fun and excitement.


Watch: They say that a man’s proper personality is reflected through a watch on his wrist. Well, they are right and every man has a niche for this watches. They love to have a good collection of world’s renowned watches. So, on his birthday, surprise him with a lovely watch and attach a love note to it like, “All your time belongs to me!”


Indoor plants: Plants are the noblest gifts that you can gift to your loved ones. Not only plants help in improving the quality of air, but, it also contributes into a better mood for a person, keeping an indoor plant like lucky bamboo, bonsai, lavender, or gardenia would sooth his mind and keep him rejuvenated all through the day. Keep this one also for his birthday moment.


Beer mugs: You cannot keep beer and men away from each other for a longer time! Your husband would love the beer mug as a birthday or anniversary gift from you. You may keep this wonderful gift idea for the day when he is promoted to some prestigious position in his professional life. A personal touch to this beer mug would be enjoyed more. So, include a picture of your husband along with a funky quote for creating this beer mug.


Arrange a rooftop dinner: Clean up your terrace area, decorate it with nice tea lights, balloons, flowers, and colorful curtains. For your anniversary moment, there cannot be a cheaper yet elegant idea of romance. Cook his favorite food and serve him under the moon. We all get so busy in fulfilling our dreams and desires that we forget to enjoy the little things in life. Anniversary would be a lovely time to reconnect with each other.


Heart-shaped display at lunch or dinner table: This may sound too cheesy but this idea is truly romantic in a fun way! Whatever you cook, try to make that in a heart shape. For example, a heart shaped cake, heart shape omelet, heart shaped presentation of noodles or fried rice, etc. You can easily get a heart shaped tin can or mould form the local market. Use these cute things to express your heartfelt love to him.


Personalized photo frame: Photographs make us remember our past days of glory and we all love to take that time travel in our mind. And that’s why you can never go wrong with this gift idea for husband. Collect his photographs from school, college, university days till today, and make a nice collage!